We provide term life insurance quotes from all of the top ranked term life insurance providers in the industry. This is important for you, because your policy is only as good as the company that would eventually pay it out. You need a company that has a financial rating strong enough to back your term life insurance policies. Here is our list of the top 5 term life insurance providers in the United States:

Met Life

Most Americans recognize Met Life Insurance for their Snoopy themed blimps and commercials. The strength of their company is anything, but cartoonish. They are among the highest ranked term life insurance companies in terms of financial strength. When you find a term life insurance quote on our website, you are in good hands when the company backing you is Met Life Insurance

Prudential Insurance

Prudential Insurance offers term life insurance policies that can match your personal and business needs. They are known for not only having a strong financial rating that you can trust to last for years to come, but also for offering the flexibility to meet your unique needs. Get an instant term life insurance quote today and see the benefits of Prudential Insurance.

New York Life

New York Life has been in the insurance business since 1845. They specialize in helping people find the term life insurance policy that is right for them. Their longevity is a great reason to trust that the policy you pay for is the policy your family will receive in the event of your passing. When dollars are scarce, but coverage is essential, get a term life insurance quote from New York Life.

American International Group

Better known as AIG – American International Group is one of the world’s largest insurance organizations. With nearly 100 years of experience, you can rest assure that your coverage is protected by a financially strong organization. Let us help you find a term life insurance quote that provides the best value through AIG.

Mass Mutual Financial Group

Our term life insurance calculator can help you find out if a policy through Mass Mutual Financial Group is right for you. They have many different term life insurance policies that can actually transition into whole life insurance policies. Get your quote today and trust a financially strong company like the Mass Mutual Financial Group.